Notice of 45th Annual General Meeting of WHIRITOA LIFEGUARD SERVICE (Inc)- secretary position

Hello everyone

This weekend our Annual General Meeting is being held on Saturday 1st June 2019 at 3pm. We have had fantastic support for the club this year and we thank all those who have given up their time. The goal for our AGM’s not to be drawn out meetings (we try and get everything done in an hour), but to provide a concise review of our year.

In the recent AGM notice sent to all members there was a request for nominations for a secretary. Over the last year we have been looking for someone to fill the role of club secretary, without success. This role is not as onerous as it once was, with new systems and approaches put into place to reduce the time required.

The main tasks of the secretary are:

  1. Recording meeting minutes
  2. Administering the Club email and Google account, social media
  3. Managing booking requests

For more details please contact Jane at or ring Garry directly on 027 245 7595.

We know everybody has busy lives, but we really need someone to help and you will be part of a great team who are trying to deliver a great experience and environment for families.


David East, President

Garry Christoffersen, Chairperson

Purchase a Tee to Celebrate a Legend!

Guys! Bill is turning 90(!) and we’re making a limited run of printed tees to celebrate. Artwork by the talented Georgia Boyce. $25 each! Details below:

Please be quick so you don’t miss out.

The tee shirts will be delivered to the Surf Club to be picked up on the 15th of December. For this deadline, last orders will be on the 12th of December (might change). Anything that misses the deadline will be delivered by the 22nd. No extra charge for postage.

Tees are AS Colour sizing (

1. Bank transfer: 12-3027-0466859-00
2. Leave name, gender, size, and quantity in payment particulars.
3. Please email to confirm details (Important)
4. Don’t tell Bill


Junior Surf – Important Dates

Calendars at the ready…

Thursday 27th December- Registration Day

                                              11am to 1pm

  • Junior Surf BBQ 5pm  (Bring something for the BBQ and a salad to share)

Friday  28th December- Induction Day

                                          Nippers 10-11am

                                          Cadets, Rookies and Trainees 11am-12pm

Saturday 29th December-  Pool day at Whangamata community pools 7am to 10:50

                                      Trainees 7 am

                                      Rookies 8am

                                      Cadets 9am

                                      Nippers(9-10 year olds) 9:45 am

                                      Nippers (7-8 year olds) 10:15 am

Sunday 30st December – First day or junior surf

Monday 31st December- Junior surf as usual – Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Tuesday 1st January- Junior surf as usual

Wednesday 2nd January- King of the mountain in the morning junior surf sessions in the afternoon.

Thursday 3rd January- Junior surf as usuall – afternoon surf sport session tips for carnival  Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Friday 4th January – Pauanui Carnival- Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Saturday 5th January- Junior surf as usual

Sunday 6th January- Whiritoa Carnival (Trainees day off)

Monday 7th January-  Day off- Trainee sleepover

Tuesday 8th January- Junior surf as usual 

Wednesday 9th January- Junior surf as usual- Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Thursday 10th January- Junior surf as usual- Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Friday 11th January – Junior surf as usual- Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Saturday 12th January- Junior surf as usual

Sunday 13th January-  Junior surf as usual

Monday 14th January-  Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Tuesday 15th January Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Wednesday 16th January Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Thursday 17th January Trainee pool swim 8-9 am

Friday 18th January last day of junior surf

Saturday 19th January Exam for trainees

Notice of 44th Annual General Meeting of WHIRITOA LIFEGUARD SERVICE (Inc)

Notice is hereby given that the above meeting will be held:- Sunday 3rd June 2018 At 10.00 AM in the Clubrooms, Kon Tiki Road, Whiritoa Beach

Recording of Proxies
Previous Minutes
Presentation and acceptance of Reports
Ratify nomination of Auditor
Election of Officers
– President
– Lifeguard Director
– Club Captain
– Secretary
– Chairperson
– Facilities Director
– Health and Safety Director
– Treasurer
General Business

Proxy Forms and Election of Officers Forms can be found on our website – please complete the forms and return to the Club Secretary prior to the AGM – Email to or Post to WSLSC, PO Box 40106,Whiritoa Beach, Whiritoa 3646