Nippers 7-10 year olds


This broad programme will introduce your child(ren) to the open water environment and build your children’s confidence in the sea, teaching them fundamental water safety skills.

About Nippers

The courses consist of 1-hour beach sessions in which qualified Surf Lifeguards teach your children Water Safety rules, coaching surf sports on the beach and water safety skills in the sea. Specific activities include:

  • wading and duck diving in the water
  • body board confidence
  • running races on sand, beach flags
  • education on surf safety, sun smart, rips and waves
  • exploring Whiritoa


  • first day is 28th December 2020, the last is the 15th of January 2021
  • sessions are daily with one day off a week depending on carnival dates
  • groups are split into 7-8yo and 9-10yo
  • we meet outside the club, beach side

Child Expectations

  • Children must have an understanding of swimming, to the point where they are comfortable completing a lap.

Parent Expectations

  • Parents can choose to assist with the water activities (which really helps to get more done) or stay to watch their children. If you are dropping off your children, we ask you to please ensure you have organised another parent to be responsible and present.
  • At events, please be respectful and supportive towards other clubs and their kids. It has never been an issue for Whiritoa, but just wanted to mention this to be sure.


  • If you have been a member – you should get a re-registration pack through the post
  • If you are a new member – see us at the clubrooms on Registration Day (27 December 2020), or visit the bar when open ASAP

Checklist for a Nipper

What to wear during the session:

  • Whiritoa Togs (Recommended, our uniform!)
  • Whiritoa Rash Top (A safety must, purchasable at the bar)
  • Wetsuit (optional, recommended for extra slim kids)

What to have with you at the beach:

  • Towel
  • Drink bottle with water
  • Sunscreen (pre-applied, there is usually a large bottle at the club)
  • Plenty of energy

Wet Weather and cancellations
We almost never cancel a Nipper session; we’re always there, rain, hail or shine. But if there is just no choice, we will work inside the clubrooms on theory.

This course is the first step to becoming a lifeguard. We find that the earlier they start these programmes, the better lifeguards they become in the future.

For any questions about any of the  Junior Surf Programmes, contact Maiya Bonney via email

Or talk to one of the Nipper coaches for this season…. still to be confirmed for the 20/21 season.

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