Please do not access the surf club during alert level 4

To the person who has keys, but does not know the new alarm code, who tried to access the Whiritoa Surf Club today, (and a few days ago), please stop trying to access the club immediately.
1. You are breaking COV19-ID alert level 4 stay at home rules.
2. You obviously cannot read, as there is a do not enter sign clearly posted on the surf club entrance front door.
Please note, when the surf club alarm is triggered and not reset, the system automatically calls our security company. You are then putting people at risk who have to go to the club to reset the alarm.
If this unauthorised access continues, one of the options is that we will have to consider changing all the club locks. We do not want to have to resort to this expensive exercise.
Any information that will help us identify the person who is trying to access the club will be appreciated and treated confidentially.
Garry Christoffersen
Whiritoa Lifeguard Service


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