Membership subscriptions- Increase 19/20

Just an update on our 19/20 membership prices as you may have noticed that they have increased slightly. This is due to our membership subscription prices not increasing in at least 15 years. Less than 10% of our current income currently comes from memberships.

Meanwhile, our costs have increased significantly over this time.

Lifeguards training costs have increased with ATV and first aid training now included, uniforms are provided and all courses and competition entries are paid.

Junior Surf costs have increased significantly with increased coaching as the program is now 30% longer duration.

Revenue projections are also less certain with $20000 pa sponsorship replacement money from Trust Waikato due to expire at the end of 2020/2021 season with no guarantees of a new sponsor.

The increased rates below are more reflective of the costs to run the club each year,

New rates from 1/12/2019

Subscription Type Price Comment
Lifeguard / U19 $65.00
U16/U19 student $65.00
Junior surf U14 $50.00 + uniform
Sand crabs U7 $30.00 no uniform required
Associates $45.00
PL Associates $5.00 No change
Local resident Associate $35.00 New
Family Memberships $120.00 3 members
( Approx. 15% discount) $160.00 4 members
$200.00 5 members
$240.00 6 members
$270.00 7members
Discounts to above 10% If paid by 30/11
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