Notice of 45th Annual General Meeting of WHIRITOA LIFEGUARD SERVICE (Inc)- secretary position

Hello everyone

This weekend our Annual General Meeting is being held on Saturday 1st June 2019 at 3pm. We have had fantastic support for the club this year and we thank all those who have given up their time. The goal for our AGM’s not to be drawn out meetings (we try and get everything done in an hour), but to provide a concise review of our year.

In the recent AGM notice sent to all members there was a request for nominations for a secretary. Over the last year we have been looking for someone to fill the role of club secretary, without success. This role is not as onerous as it once was, with new systems and approaches put into place to reduce the time required.

The main tasks of the secretary are:

  1. Recording meeting minutes
  2. Administering the Club email and Google account, social media
  3. Managing booking requests

For more details please contact Jane at or ring Garry directly on 027 245 7595.

We know everybody has busy lives, but we really need someone to help and you will be part of a great team who are trying to deliver a great experience and environment for families.


David East, President

Garry Christoffersen, Chairperson

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