Purchase a Tee to Celebrate a Legend!

Guys! Bill is turning 90(!) and we’re making a limited run of printed tees to celebrate. Artwork by the talented Georgia Boyce. $25 each! Details below:

Please be quick so you don’t miss out.

The tee shirts will be delivered to the Surf Club to be picked up on the 15th of December. For this deadline, last orders will be on the 12th of December (might change). Anything that misses the deadline will be delivered by the 22nd. No extra charge for postage.

Tees are AS Colour sizing (www.ascolour.co.nz/staple-tee-5001.html)

1. Bank transfer: 12-3027-0466859-00
2. Leave name, gender, size, and quantity in payment particulars.
3. Please email alexanderpolglase@gmail.com to confirm details (Important)
4. Don’t tell Bill


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