Notice of 44th Annual General Meeting of WHIRITOA LIFEGUARD SERVICE (Inc)

Notice is hereby given that the above meeting will be held:- Sunday 3rd June 2018 At 10.00 AM in the Clubrooms, Kon Tiki Road, Whiritoa Beach

Recording of Proxies
Previous Minutes
Presentation and acceptance of Reports
Ratify nomination of Auditor
Election of Officers
– President
– Lifeguard Director
– Club Captain
– Secretary
– Chairperson
– Facilities Director
– Health and Safety Director
– Treasurer
General Business

Proxy Forms and Election of Officers Forms can be found on our website – please complete the forms and return to the Club Secretary prior to the AGM – Email to or Post to WSLSC, PO Box 40106,Whiritoa Beach, Whiritoa 3646

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