The 2015/16 patrolling season has officially ended

Our patrolling season has now officially ended for 2015/16!

We would like to say A HUGE Thank you…

  • To all the volunteer lifeguards who put in a whopping 2,355.25 hours of patrol! Keeping the beach safe.
  • To all the volunteers and busybodies behind the scenes who ensured that the club was able to operate smoothly.
  • Also all our wonderful sponsors for your continued support and generous donations throughout the year.
  • And finally to all our junior-surf parents for your involvement and continued support, it’s been a blast seeing everyone around the club.

This season has seen our guards very busy undertaking 835 preventive actions involving 2,129 members of the public and rescuing 25 people.

Patrolling will resume in December 2016, until then we would like to remind everyone visiting Whiritoa during the off season to stay safe, never swim alone, know your limits, don’t overestimate your ability, never underestimate the risks and if in doubt, stay out.

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