To much Christmas cheer maybe?

Good morning fellow members,

Last night a couple of posts came to you all, and after reading them this morning I thought it prudent to get some traction on retraction.

  1. The first post was about sourcing a replacement ATV as our Yamaha Viking ATV is on the blink. Please note we were after an ATV and NOT an IRB.
    A big thanks to Mark Browne from Central Motors, Ngatea. Mark answered our call on Christmas Day, was on site at the Club at 7.00am this morning, (Boxing Day), has identified the problem and is currently driving back to Ngatea to pickup a replacement ATV we can use until the Yamaha is repaired. Legend!
  2. The second post was a request for bar staff to man the bar, with dates relating to mid year. There was a post sitting in draft mode which was accidentally published. We are ok for bar staff over the coming weeks actually. In fact Malcolm informs me that as of this morning the shade sails are up, the weather and views are stunning and there is no excuse for not popping down this evening for a drink at the club, we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

In my defence, I do suffer from a terrible affliction of having sausage’s for fingers and was posting from an Iphone 5, or it could of been a simple case of too much Christmas cheer! (more likely)

In any case please except my apologies for any confusion caused!

See you at the beach!



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