Team Toa Thunders Place 7th in IRB Long Haul Challenge! 

Team Toa Thunders Place 7th in the BOP IRB Long Haul Challenge!

The team made up of, Marie Butler and Kit Wilson as support crew and Alex, Jack and Chaz as IRB Drivers, completed the race in 3 hours and 18 minutes.

At first the teams had to assemble their IRB with the floorboards in but pontoons deflated, started to pump the boat up well, keeping up with the others although some teams already had their motor and fuel on the beach. This proved to be a good tactic when it came to carrying the IRB 120 meters or so down the access way to the waters edge.

On the way to the different pit stops the team faced unfamiliar coast line, lots of wind chop and a few hairy moments with large sets, the support crew kept up well and was managing to beat the IRB to each stop. After Stage 4 the IRB was in front, somewhat uncertain of how far between each stop and fuel running low the team looked worried BUT somehow the Support crew came running down to the beach and saved the day with a full bladder at stage 5!

On the final stage, teams had to drop one person off at Shark Alley in Mount Maunganui who had to run along the beach to the Mount Surf Club while the IRB went around the rocks and beached up. Teams then had to carry their IRB further up the Beach. To make it easier Toa Thunders carried their engine and fuel to the finish and went back for their hull.

“Big Ups to the Team Toa Supporters at the finish cheering us in for the final dash across the line, it was really motivating for the final IRB carry up the beach.” – Chaz

A lot was learnt from the race and the team look to improve their skills for next year.

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