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March / April 2015

 Club Captain’s Report

Chaz Gibbons

Chaz Gibbons
Trust Waikato Whiritoa Life Guard Service
Club Captain

Hey Team,

Well what a season it has been,

Firstly I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who got involved and helped out around the club this season. Truly amazing the amount of time that everyone continues to give to make the place run and if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here doing what we are doing which is saving lives.

Our Lifeguards preformed 2, 680 volunteer hours which is up from last year, add in the regional hours which is the paid life guards and the total amount of Patrol hours toped 2870 for the season. They carried out 7 rescues, 25 First Aids, 3 Search and Rescues and 992 preventive actions involving 2098 people.

We had a further 20 new lifeguards qualify with more coaches and instructors coming through as well, you will see from the prize giving results a lot of qualifications handed out for IRB, Senior Lifeguard awards and instructing. There is going to be much more of the same next season with the numbers continuing to grow which is really great to see.

Heading into winter now but its not time to shy away from the beach, those that can make it along to a training weekend or course do so! get involved where you can.

Jack Wilson has been appointed along with Jack Brown as our Training Coordinators, they are working hard to get names down for registration and book in First aid refreshers, training courses and IRB training weekends leading into Raglan. It is important that you contact these people or myself to get registered for training courses, it helps when planning an event to know how many people to plan for so really make an effort to get your name down.

Check out my other posts on a few other things that are happening throughout winter further in this newsletter.

– Chaz Gibbons – Club Captain

 STOP PRESS! – Trust Waikato Sponsorship Review 2015  




Trust Waikato

Trust Waikato

Trust Waikato provide major sponsorship for the surf club, and I am pleased to advise that the sponsorship for Whiritoa Lifeguard Service has been renewed for a further three years, and increased to $20,000 per year (plus GST).

The committee wishes to convey our thanks to Trust Waikato for their continued supoort of not only Whiritoa, but a number of other surf clubs in the region. Without their help, we could not provide the essential services required to keep our beaches safe.

-Michael Jeffs- Club President

  Help the clubrooms ‘get fit’ for 2016

We’ve got a major fundraising goal to hit over the next few months!

To get our building ‘fit’ and upgrade our facilities, we’ve put together a fundraising plan to raise the $150,000 we need to get the job done.  Our target is to raise the money in time to have all the work done for summer 2015 – 2016.

Our aim is to provide a modern, safe and welcoming environment for our lifeguards, members, Whiritoa residents and visitors, with up to date facilities for lifeguard operations and a flexible hub for club events, social activities and just chilling out enjoying  the best view in the world.

So, we’ve got work to do and we’ll need your help.

There’ll be some fun, easy ways to contribute so watch out over the coming months and join us in getting the club ‘fit’ for all of us this coming summer.

First up, we’re setting up a “Give A Little” page and we’d like you, and your friends and family who get to enjoy Whiritoa, to support it.

Look out for details in the next few weeks and remember to hit the link when you receive it so you can be part of making sure our club continues to be the valuable hub of our little community for years to come.

And, If you want to help with any of our planned fundraising, let us know by emailing Michael Jeffs on:

  • Email –
  • Phone – 09 575 0023
  • Mob – 021 573 234
– Sally Tye –

Trust Waikato Whiritoa Surf lifeguard Service Committee Meetings

Minutes of the April committee meetings are available:

April_Minutes Click Here >>

– Louise Hay – Club Secretary/Treasurer

IRB Long Haul Race

IRB Long Haul Race

IRB Long Haul Race

The 2015 BOP IRB Long Haul is back for its third year. This event calls upon the best IRB crews in the country to battle it out along the magnificent Bay of Plenty Coast Line, as they race from Ohope to Mount Maunganui Main Beach.

We are very pleased to announce that The Toa Thunders have entered into this exciting race!

  • Chaz Gibbons
  • Jack Wilson
  • Alex Polglase

and Support Crew

  • Kit Wilson
  • Marie Butler

Starting off at 12pm – Ohope Surf Club, teams must assemble their IRBs ready for operation.

Once signed by the judges teams must launch their boats and head up the coast to Matata Beach.

Crews must then take off their engine and run it up the beach and around obstacles then back to their boat.

Once completed teams must launch off the beach and head up to Pukehina Beach.

Further challenges await the crews, there are opportunities to refuel before heading onto the next leg. Once all the challenges have been completed teams continue on up the coast to Papamoa Beach where they must preform a patient pick up in the IRB and continue on to Omanu beach. Another obstacle course and refuelling station awaits the teams as they come in.

Once the 5th leg has been completed teams again head back out in the boats and continue up he coast to Mount Maunganui Main beach for the final sprint, one member of the team must run along the beach to the Surf club where the rest of their team will be waiting with the IRB. First team across the line wins!

This event is taking place on Saturday the 9th of May and it would be awesome to see your support at the finish line, come on down to Mount Maunganui Surf Club from 2pm onwards to watch The Toa Thunders complete the race. The Race starts at 12pm and is estimated to take 3-4 hours, look forward to seeing you there!

– Chaz Gibbons – Club Captain

Body Bash Winner Jake Smith from Pauanui

Body Bash Winner Jake Smith from Pauanui

The Whiritoa Big Body Bash was a Great success!

Despite having to postpone to the following weekend January 17th we still had a full line up of 14 competitors representing 3 different surf clubs, Whiritoa, Whangamata and Pauanui.

We even had wild card – the winner of the 2012 Tairua Body Surfing Comp.

Judges were Martine Smith, Thomas Richards and Ethan Cox, big thanks to these guys for giving up their time to make the tough decisions.

The competitors battled it out over 9 rounds which were around 20 minutes long, pulling ridiculous moves for example – Upside down Dolphin Entry into a double corkscrew then reverse corkscrew back onto the face and still maintaining position on the wave. You really had to be there to believe it, in the end the Trophy was handed off to Jake Smith from Pauanui who in the final round continued to pull off new stunts which left the judges in awe.

We are looking to plan this event again for the 2015/16 season so make sure you keep an eye out for details.

If you have any suggestions on how the event could run, or if you or your business would be interested in sponsoring this event please get in touch with Chaz Gibbons –

– Chaz Gibbons –

BP Leaders for Life
BP Leaders for Life

2015 BP Leaders for Life

The BP Leaders for Life programme is back for 2015, following on from a successful programme in 2014 which saw 32 candidates from all over New Zealand take part in two different workshops.

As an outcome of the programme, the participants gained a great understanding of why leadership is important for Surf Life Saving, what sort of leadership is needed, the expected challenges over the coming years and the key skills we are looking for in our young, emerging leaders.

Back in the Classroom

Back in the Classroom

SLSNZ Member Development Manager Belinda Slement says participants on the 2015 BP Leaders for Life programme are current or emerging leaders at club or regional level.

“They will have aspirations to make a real difference and recognise their need to develop as leaders. In our environment, we know that leaders are effective when they are collaborative in their approach, are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and have a strong desire to improve,” she says.

Candidates registered in one of two groups which will cover the Northern/Eastern Regions and the Central/Southern Regions.

Leaders for life Workshop

Leaders for life Workshop

We are very pleased to announce that Chaz Gibbons, Trust Waikato Whiritoa Surf Lifeguard Service Club Captain has been accepted into the 2015 programme. Congratulations Chaz!

Chaz will take part in two 2-day workshops and one 3-day workshop.

BP Communications and External Affairs Manager Jonty Mills says “This is our second year of partnering with Surf Life Saving and the BP Leaders for Life Programme. In simple terms, the principles of Leadership are generic, regardless of organisation, business or sector.

Sharing Ideas

Sharing Ideas

The programme is about development opportunities and we’re delighted to be able to offer our experience and expertise in the field of Leadership to help develop the next generation of New Zealand leaders, both within Surf Life Saving and throughout the wider community.

“We believe we can help make a tangible difference with this programme by sharing some of our own learnings and experiences from within BP and that’s why we think this is a great programme for emerging leaders,” he says.


To read about the experiences of some of last year’s candidates, click here>> 

-Blair Graham-

ANZAC Exchange

The prestigious ANZAC Exchange will take place this coming season. We need a team of young Team Toa lifeguards to travel to Torquay and Apollo Bay Surf Clubs in Victoria, Australia and then host an Aussie team back here in NZ over summer.

The Team will experience how lifeguarding is carried out in Victoria gaining valuable guarding and leadership skills. Two key aims of the exchange are to promote excellence and to reward our young motivated members for their achievements.

At this stage, it is planned for the Aussies to travel in early January and the NZ team in mid to late January giving the Kiwis the opportunity to visit Torquay and Apollo Bay surf clubs during their busy periods.

The ANZAC Team will consist of one Leader and up to 3-4 candidates. They will need to take on the vast majority of fundraising for the trip and host the returning team back at Toa.

Criteria for the exchange is:

Candidates shall be seen as a role model within the club, have a team attitude and takes up opportunities. E.g. IRB Crewman’s and First Aid Courses. They will be:

  • Age 15 and over at the date of the exchange and hold a Lifeguard Award.
  • Shown a high level of leadership values within the club such as lifeguard training or involved in junior surf programme

They will need to train over the winter to undertake the following fitness tests before the exchange:

  • Complete a pool swim of 800metres in a time of 15:30 minutes or less.
  • Take part in any training sessions on boards made available that season and be able to ride a board out past the breakers and in to shore.
  • Run 1.5km in 10minutes on the soft sand.
  • Complete a surf swim of 200 meters with no fins and no tube.
  • Complete a tube rescue with fins.

A Team leader is needed to accompany and be responsible for the team  during the trip to Australia. It could be a senior member of the club or parent. They will also need to help host the Australians here in NZ. If we are not able to find a Team leader the team will miss out.

Click Here to download the 2015 Application Form >>  Application period finishes Friday 22 May.

Contact Hamish McEwan for further details on  .

Apply Now!!

– Hamish McEwan –

IRB Training

IRB Training

IRB Training Weekend Coming UP Soon!

Chaz and I have been working on getting a few IRB  training weekends together ahead of the IRB exam which is held in Raglan around August/September.

Our first Training weekend will be on the 16th/17th of May, we are still finalizing a few details such as the venue as we are looking at hosting it at Whangamata but will have these confirmed over the next few days. If you are wanting to get your IRB Crew or Driver Award then you must get in and do some training.  Please get in touch with either Chaz or myself on the contact details below if you are keen to come along.

  • What: IRB Training weekend
  • When: 16th/17th May
  • Where: Whiritoa or Whangamata
  • Who to Contact: Jack Wilson and/or Chaz Gibbons –

Thanks, Jack

– Jack Wilson – Training Coordinator

Raglan IRB Exam

What happens at Raglan?

Over the two days candidates go through the examination process, starting out with setting up the boats and engine reinstatement.  There is an opportunity to get some further development skills in before the practical exam.

  • Saturday night is the theory test, then once that’s completed you head up to the lodge where you stay, have dinner which is always awesome! then hang out for the rest of the night till bed.
  • Sunday, back into it early getting right into the practical exam components.

Who normally goes to this event?

  • Anyone wanting to get their crewman or Driver award and those working on instructing, people come from all over the eastern region.

What do I need to do if I want to come attend?

  • Firstly speak with the training coordinators, you will need to complete an IRB workbook with an instructor and complete training to show that you are ready for the exam.
  • Surf lifesaving also run IRB development weekends in the lead up to the exam, there is one normally held at Whangamata or Waihi, Robert, Jack and Ariana just to name some of those that attended the one last year all passed their exam and no doubt this development weekend along with attending further training sessions saw that they passed.
  • Keep an eye out for details on these development weekends.


– Chaz Gibbons – Club Captain

 2014 / 15 Trust Waikato Whiritoa Lifeguard Service Club Awards.

Nipper of the Year:

  • Katherine Kestle – 2nd Runner up
  • Breana Clatworthy – Runner up
  • William Waters – Winner

Cadet of the Year:

  • Jack Bonney – Runner up
  • Jayde Hanner – Winner

Rookie of the Year:

  • Jessica Russell – Runner Up
  • Connor Christofferson – Winner

Trainee of the Year:

  • Rhiannon Bates – 2nd Runner Up
  • Maiya Bonney – Runner Up
  • Eleanor Wilson – Winner

Junior Lifeguard of the Year:

  • Kate Russell – Runner Up
  • Max Brown – Winner

Lifeguard of the Year:

  • Alex Polglase – Runner Up
  • Ethan Cox – Winner

New Lifeguards – Bronze Award

  • Natalie Mitchell
  • Lachlan Power
  • Matthew Dean
  • Lachlan Jeffs
  • Rhiannon Bates
  • Jenna Dodd
  • Maiya Bonney
  • Kane Cocker
  • Caitlin Laurie
  • Finn Stranaghan
  • Brianna Jackson
  • Reuben Wickstead
  • Lachlan Goldie
  • Sophie Dixon
  • Tom Marshall
  • Eleanor Wilson
  • Tayla Duffy-Bregmen
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Katie Halladay
  • Rose Brooke

Senior Lifeguard Award:

  • Jack Wilson
  • Alex Clinton Polglase
  • Robert Law
  • Taylor Moore

IRB Driver Award:

  • Jack Wilson
  • Alex Polglase
  • Taylor Moore

IRB Crewman Award:

  • Robert Law
  • Ariana Tomaszyk

IRB Instructors Award:

  • Chaz Gibbons

Surf Lifeguard Instructors Award:

  • Chaz Gibbons

Coach of the Year:

  • Sarah Polglase

Instructor of the Year:

  • Libby Clifton

Gumboot Award:

  • Malcolm Stapleton

50 Hour Service Award:

  • Chaz Gibbons
  • Ethan Cox
  • Taylor Moore
  • Marlon Khifi
  • Finn Stapleton
  • Rhiannon Bates (New Lifeguard)
  • Alex Polglase
  • Max Brown
  • Kane Cocker (New Lifeguard)
  • Maiya Bonney (New Lifeguard)
  • Ethan Tomaszyk

Foremen Merit Award (Most Hours) :

  • Taylor Moore with 168.80 Hours

Bart Simpson Award:

  • Taylor Moore

Patrol Captains 2014/15 Season

  • Tara George
  • Alex Polglase
  • Nick Tuner-Wright
  • Chaz Gibbons

Seal Award – Top Patrol

  • 3 Kings Cobras – Patrol 3.

President’s Award:

  • Malcolm Stapleton


 A big thank you to our sponsors

Gold Level Sponsers

Gold Level Sponsors


Silver Sponsors

Silver Sponsors


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